The law enforcement pre-employment polygraph helps to evaluate a candidate's suitability to become a police officer, corrections officer, or work in a civilian capacity. Specific areas of concern are general background, driving record, criminal history, financial history, military history, drug use history, employment history, undetected crimes, and sexual history.

In today's competitive hiring market, I offer priority testing for entry level and lateral candidates, to get you the required hiring information as quickly as possible. Your agency will receive the examination report within 2 days of the exam.

Professional Sporting Events and Contest  

Many professional sporting events and contests, particularly those involving cash prizes, now insist that contestants submit to polygraph testing, not only as a deterrent to cheating, but to determine if any participants violated the rules to gain an advantage. Whether it is a fishing tournament, golf tournament, weight lifting, shooting, bodybuilding competition or hunting event, your participants can be confident that they will be involving themselves in a legitimate and fair competition, and one in which all participants have experienced equal opportunity.

                                                                   Additionally, for 2019 I am introducing my portable polygraph suite. This                                                                                 arrangement guarantees that my testing is performed in a quiet, private and                                                                               comfortable testing environment. This helps to guarantee the validity of the tests.                                                                     All tests are audio and  video recorded, just as current standards dictate. I also

                                                                   perform a pre-test examinee suitability assessment and conduct a practice, or                                                                           acquaintance test, both vital components of the testing process which are often                                                                         dismissed at sporting events. 

Polygraph Examinations for Attorneys

When an individual is accused of criminal wrongdoing—theft, fraud, assault, physical or sexual abuse, or any charge that can be brought to bear—I can help the defense attorney prepare to meet these accusations by administering polygraph examinations that address the critical issues and establish the truth of any crucial matter. This is especially important if the accusations are motivated by vengeance or retaliation, or arose from poor investigative technique. I am tenacious in determining the truth or falsity of any allegation. Once the examination is completed, both an oral and written report is provided which includes the full range of pertinent questions, responses, and expert analysis of the results.

An important utilization of the polygraph involves an attorney's "need to know" in a case. Clients routinely lie or minimize their involvement in an allegation when talking to their attorney. In the interest of developing the best defense, polygraph interviews and examinations routinely yield vital information that helps you, as an attorney, do your job. Although examination results and associated interviews conducted in this manner are confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege, information can be released to another party at your discretion.

Law Enforcement Services

I provide polygraph services to law enforcement agencies in all applicable areas. Among those offered are the following:

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Background screening

  • Internal affairs investigations

  • Criminal investigations

  • False allegations of misconduct

While pre-employment screening is not a substitute for a complete background check, its use in conjunction with background checks helps to ensure that the candidates under consideration are of the highest caliber. Polygraph screening confirms that applications have been honestly and completely filled out, that fewer unqualified candidates are hired, and that the quality of hires is improved. Some of the issues that I address with the applicant include the following:

  • Employment History

  • Jobs Not Entered on the Application

  • Terminations

  • Resigned in Lieu of Termination

  • Disciplinary Problems

  • Application Falsifying



Suspicions of infidelity and dishonesty can sometimes be resolved with the use of a polygraph. I can administer professional, confidential exams for a variety of issues.

Employing a polygraph to independently resolve a relationship issue should only be used as a last resort; the polygraph alone will rarely resolve trust issues without the inclusion of counseling or the assistance of a qualified therapist. Additionally, you should consider asking yourself: Will a polygraph examination really help? The decision to ask a friend or loved one to take a polygraph exam is not one to be taken lightly. In case you are not able to resolve an issue, a polygraph exam may be an option for you, and I am here to help.

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